Bulgarian Bags Are The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Tool

For many people, a dream holiday becomes a nightmare for their fitness programme. Yes, all that flab you shed through rigorous exercise with Bulgarian bag training can return easily during a long vacation. If you are not careful about how to conduct yourself during the holidays, you will definitely have to work extra hard at your next Bulgarian bag training session.

Maintaining an Ideal Body Weight during Long Vacations
A vacation is the time for rest and relaxation. Understandably, few people are concerned about disciplined lifestyle or diet while they are on vacation. However, too much of indulgence can play havoc with your fitness and put years of hard work to waste. Why not take a middle path? Indulge yourself wisely and in a controlled manner to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about maintaining your ideal body weight.

Focus on the Place and Not on Food
Try to select holiday spots that offer a lot of opportunities for physical exercise such as trekking or biking around the area, climbing mountains or water sports and so on. Even if your vacation does not include a lot of sightseeing you should still make an effort to move around as much as possible. Make use of any gym facility your hotel offers. You will also be in a better shape to continue with your Bulgarian bag once you return. Concentrate on local sights more instead of the local cuisine.

Party Occasionally
A vacation should never be an excuse to party wildly and continuously. Junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, rich elaborate meals…all these will in no way help you to maintain your weight. Keep away from parties as much as possible and indulge occasionally. If possible, try to host parties yourself so that you can control what type of food and beverage to serve.

Weigh yourself at Regular Intervals
Being at a holiday does not mean you no longer keep a tab on your weight. You must weigh yourself at least once a week especially if you are on a long holiday when it’s natural to indulge quite often. Steel club training is a little harder to maintain while on holiday as very few gyms have them. Training with steel clubs is very specialised and not easy to do.

Learn to Control Portions
Portion controlling is the trick to better eating without depriving yourself from the pleasures of diverse cuisine. Yes, you can eat all you want but in a controlled manner. Know how much to eat of which food group and stick to it. Learn to identify the healthier options even at party buffets and opt for salads, fresh fruits, vegetable preparations, smoked or grilled preparations etc. Avoid dessert or calorie-high appetizers. Take a smaller plate so that it looks fuller even with a small quantity of food on it.

Eat Wisely
Always start your day with a healthy breakfast. You will get all the fuel you need for the excursions of the day and will not feel like snacking often on the way. Healthy breakfast also boosts your metabolism so that your body burns fat at a faster rate and you don’t really put on that much weight. Try and include as much of lean protein as possible such as low-fat diary items; seafood; skinless poultry; lean cuts of meat; leguminous preparations etc.